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hp pavilion ze4805us

linux issues

well, i had no major issues getting fedora core 2 up and running on this laptop.

i got the touchpad working by using this driver. i made an rpm and a src rpm for fc2 if you want to download it. you'll also need to muck with your xorg.conf file... the changes that i made are pretty much like this:

	Section "ServerLayout"
	       	InputDevice "Touchpad" "SendCoreEvents"


	Section "InputDevice"
        	Identifier  "Touchpad"
        	Driver      "synaptics"
        	Option      "Protocol" "auto"
        	Option      "Device" "/dev/input/mice"
        	Option      "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"
        	Option      "Emulate3Buttons" "yes"
        	Option      "MaxTapTime" "100"

the wireless card was easy to get working, but wasn't already there instantly. what i did for that was use ndiswrapper around the winxp driver that came on the driver cd that i got with the laptop, and it worked.

now, before i got the internal wireless working in fc2, i tried using my dlink dwl-650 (rev a), and it was less than happy... there was some issue with that specific rev of the dlink card and the acpi drivers in fc2. the dlink card worked in win2k, in the hardware, but not fc2.

notes on FC3
section added 10 nov 2004

i upgraded this machine to fedora core 3 yesterday, and ran into a few problems:

  1. acpi in kernel version 2.6.9-1.667 seems to be broken. there is a bug open with redhat that references it and i'm monitoring that.
  2. the version of ssh is newer, so my old aliases didn't work... if you want to export gtk+ apps across an ssh tunnel, use -Y instead of -X. the difference is that -X will give you X forwarding, and the -Y will give you "trusted" X forwarding. i found that reference here.
notes on knoppix
in order to boot this model laptop in knoppix, you'll need to pass the following to the bootloader:

windows issues

here's what was pissing me off the most about this laptop... i've got a WDC 120gb usb2 drive that i use for video editing and capture. since my laptop is primarily a linux box, i have very little drive space reserved for windows, so i have a big honkin' ntfs drive to use for video capture. both my old laptop and this one have only usb 1.1 ports built in, so i spent $20 on a zonet usb2 cardbus card. this card works great in fc2 on tyr, but has issues in windows (both 2000 pro and xp home).

i tried two operating systems and two different usb 2 cardbus cards, and they both do the same thing:

  1. card is recognized by os driver set and installed no problems
  2. low speed devices can be plugged into usb2 card and run without incident
  3. when western digital usb2 hard drive is plugged into usb2 card, system locks up and drive spins incessantly
two things to note... the drive works fine, but slow in the built-in usb1.1 ports on this laptop, and both the card(s) and drive work fast in fc2. this tells me that there is NO hardware problem, but a driver problem. since two cards failed to work, my assumption is that the windows supplied driver for the TI PCI-1410 cardbus controller is not allowing cardbus cards that are inserted to run at fullspeed, therefore pissing off the WDC drive.

UPDATE (13 oct 2004): this is not just a problem with the first generation of this laptop. i've had the SAME problem with a generation 2 ze4805. it works in linux, but NOT in windows.


this is a decent laptop for a decent price, unless you ever want to use usb2.

if anyone has any questions about getting certain things in linux working on this hardware, feel free to contact me at slacker at lnx cwby dot com.


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