slacker's arsenal


Ginger - Springfield 1911A1 Full Size Loaded (.45 ACP): Defense Ammunition: 230 gr Remington Golden Sabre
Preferred Retention: The Undercover (IWB)


Gladys - Kel-Tec P32 (.32 ACP)
Defense Ammunition: 60 gr Winchester Super-X Silvertip

Maria - Taurus PT945 (.45 ACP)
Defense Ammunition: 230 gr Winchester Silvertips


Carmella - Beretta 92FS (9x19)
Defense Ammunition: 124 gr Federal Hydrashoks
Preferred Retention: Tactical Dropleg

Long Gun

Polly - Winchester Model 94 (.30-30 Win)
Ammunition: 170 gr Winchester Super-X Powerpoint


Mary Ann - Ruger MK II (.22lr)
Ammunition: Whatever's cheapest that day ;-)

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