slacker's enigma disk


i had a bunch pc's at work whose disks needed to be wiped before they were sent to be distroyed. i didn't want to have to do this myself, so i took tinfoilhat linux (which happened to have wipe on it) and tweaked the rc.S script.


what i ended up with is a neat little disk that will wipe everything on every drive without you having to do anything, no keyboard or monitor needed.

it's been referred to as scary, but it does what i wanted it to... if you want something a little tamer, check out Peter Watkin's tweak that asks if you really want to continue.


slacker's enigma disk (1.44 MB) disk signature
md5sum: 97650a91f69404d1be3beee2da2c9c90


dd if=enigma.img of=/dev/fd0 or rawrite in windows.


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